My name is Bond and I love sharing my real life shopping experiences on my blog.

Things I Love

Over time, I’ve developed obsession with the following stuff. The list includes, but not limited to, the following main items I love and cherish:

1. Purple Powerbase

Probably the best investment I’ve ever made in my life for my bedroom. I love sleeping, and my powerbase allows me to enjoy luxury sleep. Read my purple powerbase review to find more about why I love it.

2. Purple Mattress

My obsession with Purple continues. This is the best affordable luxury that you can invest in and be at peace. Read my purple mattress review to find out what makes it the best mattress.

3. Purple Pillow

Ok, I promise. This is the last product from Purple that I am going to review. This pillow is not for everyone but I have really made peace with it. Read my Purple pillow review to find out if it’s the right pillow for you.