Kranse Institute Reviews

Kranse Institute Reviews – How Good is it for SAT Prep?

Standardized tests including SAT, PSAT, ACT and GMAT are globally recognized and give you a free hand in applying to all colleges by appearing for one test. Both ACT and SAT are required for college admissions and are nationally administered, though their test length and sections differ.

This review of Kranse Institute is compiled by experts based on true stories of students who actually improved their SAT score after taking this course.

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What is Kranse Institute?

Shaan Patel Founder Kranse InstituteKranse Institute is an online SAT prep course by Shaan Patel (a dermatologist in training from USC and Yale MD/MBA) who struggled to improve his average SAT score to an exceptional 2400, through a series of preparation strategies. The story doesn’t end here. Not only did he got acceptance from prestigious colleges but earned quarter a million dollars in scholarships as well.

Coming from a household with a troubled background, many found it hard to believe that he became the valedictorian of his class, was awarded the homecoming king and as part of White House Presidential Scholars Program, which selects two exceptionally outstanding students from each state, he got to shake hands with George W. Bush, the then president of the United States of America.

After his own success at SAT and multiple failed attempts at publishing a book on SAT preparation, he devised a signature SAT preparation program using the last $900 from his scholarship that was aimed at helping students improve their scores considerably.

Patel’s business embarked on being the only online SAT prep course that was being run by a student who himself managed to get a perfect score and word caught on an average improvement of 376 points after his very first program. That means after taking his pilot course, every student managed to go on average 376 points higher than their previous SAT attempt.

Unlike other SAT preparation centers, Kranse Institute’s preparation program incorporates a 100 different strategies which leave you prepared for all kinds of questioning strategies you see in the exam. Once you’ve practiced a variety of testing strategies, the odds of scoring high are minimal paving your way to getting admission in your dream college.

Here is some data that shows score improvement of some students that took Kranse Institute course:

Kranse Institute Score Improvement
Kranse Institute has helped thousands of students improve their SAT score.

What Makes Kranse Better?

Kranse Institute breaks free from clutter by following a completely different yet practical preparation technique. Instead of sending out handouts and cramming cliche SAT prep books, Kranse offers video tutorials that keep one engaged and interested in the content. The 206 pre recorded video lectures are produced keeping the intellect of students at all levels.

The videos last maximum 10 minutes on average so you don’t have to worry about being bored out by the long videos. This being the key game plan in mind, Kranse focuses on keeping it short and to the point. However, this in no way means Kranse Prep courses are not profound.

Kranse online SAT prep course is extensive and as intensive as it gets with the added convenience of studying anytime and anywhere with internet access.Say goodbye to driving long hours to prepare for your SATs and taking back to back classes after school as well.

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Experienced Students as Tutors

Administered completely by top perfect scorer students, you’re sure to get a true insight of actual strategies that can be implemented in the exam, based on first hand experience of the private tutors. This leaves absolutely no room for trial and error methods like other preparation centers.

Check any lecture as many times you want since at Kranse, they believe that once is not enough to absorb it all. To see if you’re ready for the SAT final exam or not, you can take a complete practice test, see results and review areas that you need to work on.

A lot of us are scared to see results and keep studying until the final day arrives only to find out that we were unprepared for a lot of questions that we had to attempt. This is why Kranse Institute lets you take practice tests so that you’re well aware of your highest score potentials, setting a realistic benchmark for yourself solely based on your own performance and actual results.

Score Improvement Guarantee

money back guaranteeIf you’ve been saving up for SAT preparation, you know that it is an investment that you definitely want returns on. Whether or not you’ve scored well on your SAT, you’ll be eligible for it. How does that work? Kranse Institute claims an average increase of 210 points from your previous score, mostly improving from the 50th to the 90th percentile.

If you do not observe any improvement in your result, you are eligible to apply for a complete refund. Although for this you have to submit your before and after scores for the exam. Similarly, if you feel that the course is a misfit, you have the option to get full refund within 7 days of enrollment.

The score improvement guarantee remains unmatched in the market combined with the leverage of registering for up to 9 possible test dates. Since the SAT exams take place multiple times annually, if you miss a deadline, you won’t have to worry about paying additional fees for longer test preparation duration.

GUARANTEED Score Improvement

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Mobile App

Kranse Institute Mobile AppKranse Institute’s app is the epitome of convenience when it comes to online SAT preparation. No other SAT prep center has their own app which definitely gives Kranse an edge over them all. Although it isn’t currently available on the Play Store, it can be downloaded on Apple products from the App store.

Enjoy the optimized studying experience of its 206 bite sized video tutorials on your phone, desktop or tablet.

Once you’ve registered for the course, you get free access to the app. You can view your track record including test records and progress in general. What’s the catch? The app features cash prize contests and gives you auto updates and tips related to your preparation strategies.

18 Months Access

What we like most about Kranse Institute is its 18 month access, compared to the 3 month access competitors give. Since their prime goal is to improve the current score by at least 200 points, the longer duration is a testament of their dedication to the cause.

A lot of you can relate to dropping out of prep centers because of high fees and low returns, Kranse Institute encourages you to stick around by giving you the cheapest rates and longest subscriptions, helping you preparing better without turning this into a money making business.


Private tutoring for SAT can cost you a little too much. Whether you’re paying for yourself or are paying up for your child, there are no guarantees regarding improvements in the current score. Considering the average cost of tuition ranges from $100-$150 on an hourly basis, a $500 course for 18 months is the best deal you can possibly get, that too with a money-back guarantee if you don’t see any improvement.

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Best Online Course for SAT Prep

The fact that you don’t have to waste time scrolling to look for relevant content is a huge relief. Tap on the relevant videos, which won’t be any longer than 10 seconds, to get the most practical strategies to apply in your exam. The course is very organized, with separate tests for Essay, Writing and Language and Math.

Apart from this, there are other generic videos to explain the test design, updates in format and scoring strategies for beginners. This is what takes their success rate among students up to a 97% as well as the course completion rate to a 98%. This means that only 2% of the total subscribers dropped out of the course during its trial period.

How Does it Help International Students?

A lot of students seeking admission to American universities do not belong to the US, neither is their first language English. This doesn’t keep the Kranse Institute from its mission to provide the best SAT prep course. Facing this challenge head on, the 30 hours of lectures are sure to help those preparing. Whether you’re working on your reading or analytical skills, you can replay the online videos multiple times to go through difficult areas again for clarity.

Real Student Reviews that Improved their Score

A USF (University of San Francisco) admittee, Morgan explains how she went through a tough time when her parents got her enrolled in a local SAT prep center, where she had to attend classes every Saturday. This not only left her really tired with school but also brought an end to her social life.

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Owing to this, she performed really bad at her first attempt on the SATs. It only got better when her parents got to know about Kranse Institute when broadcasted on the Shark Tank. Since it was an online course, she could prepare for her SATs from the comfort of her home. Being completely in control of her own schedule, she could select flexible timings for herself and observe her progress over time.

Not only did she improve by 500 points and got admission in the USF, she also managed to get a $50,000 scholarship.

Morgan is not one of her kind, many like her have benefited from the practical approach Kranse Institute follows leading students to get into their dream colleges. Another example is Neil, who is in his senior year at school and managed to improve by 500 points over a span of 4 months only.

But how does Kranse Institute help students work on their weak areas? CEO Shaan Patel believes that no kid lacks what it takes to score above 1500, what sets everyone apart is how they’re trained and prepared to face what comes their way.

Meghan believes that Kranse Institute works wonders for your reading skills, which she benefited from the most. After months of struggling with it, she finally observed improvement in her test scores with their well planned test strategy. Though the format was the same, her take on it changed with her prep course at Kranse.

Several other including Jeffrey believe that the essay template is by far the most helpful feature of this online course, who improved from a 4 to a high of 7 and 8 on their essay.  They believe that studying with Kranse helped them save a lot of time by communicating through bite sized video that were of great assistance.

The option to play/pause helped them take notes and repeat for better clarity of the concept. Melania finds the course to be highly interactive and super easy to follow. She goes on to explain how the videos help in understanding any concept better since you can always rewind and listen to what you missed out on.

What Do the Parents Say?

Mr Henderson trusted the online reviews he read and got his daughter enrolled in Kranse. She had recently appeared for her SATs but wasn’t satisfied with the score, nor was her father who believed she had the potential but lacked the right guidance.

Kranse brought about a tremendous improvement in her overall preparation compared to the last time and her SAT score shot up by 400 points.

Another trusted review comes in by Mrs Liam, who swears by the dedication of the team at Kranse and recommends it to everyone in her circle. While how much clarity does Kranse bring to the existing concepts can only be best observed and explained by students, she believes that as a parent its important to see your child confident about their preparation.

Among all the exams he had taken in his life, she says this was the most confident she had ever seen him. This reason alone was enough for her to become a lifelong fan of Kranse Institute.

Here is another review of a dad, Silicone, who bought Kranse Institute SAT Prep course to help his kids prepare for the SAT exam.

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While a lot of students possess the knowledge and know-how of subject matter to perform well on their SATs, parents believe that its the targeted prep strategies that actually help students in changing their individual strategy of attempting the test.

The short videos do not take up much of their time and are easy to absorb while simultaneously bringing about improvement in their concept clarity.

How is SAT different from PSAT and ACT?

Contrary to SAT, PSAT is taken to apply for the National Merit Scholarship Program, is relatively shorter than SAT exam and doesn’t include an essay. However, the syllabi for both are same which gives you the leverage of appearing in both exams while preparing for one only. Similarly, ACT incorporate a science section, you wouldn’t find that in your SAT.

What is GMAT?

In order to get admission in a graduate management program (MBA and others of the like), one needs to appear for the GMAT. Although the GMAT is not a requirement at all grad schools, it does improve your chances of getting into one, provided you have a satisfactory GPA and good reasoning skills.

Is taking the SAT necessary?

Its always a good idea to take either of the tests but definitely not necessary.

For this, its best that you check the admission prerequisites for the college you’re aiming for and then take the required test. While some kids take up science subjects in high school, others opt for Math. Based on that, you can decide what test suits you best. You can also take demo tests to see where you stand currently.

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