• Spend? Save? Why Not Both?

    Finally, a pain-free savings plan that rewards smart consumers.

    BondRewards allows you to shop for the things you want and need while giving a percentage of it back to you. Make your purchases through BondRewards.com and we will give you up to 30% back as BondDollars*! Save 50 BondDollars and exchange them for a $25 U.S. Savings Bond worth at least $50 at maturity - or for $25 in cold, hard Cash! That's why people all over the country are falling in love with BondRewards - it's easy, it's smart, it's free!

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    *(1 BondDollar = 50¢ cash value)

  • Sign Up and Create a BondRewards Saver's Account. It's easy, safe and free.

    Start shopping at 600+ stores by first visiting BondRewards website. You'll find the widest range of shops and brands imaginable.

    Up to 15% of the cost of your purchases will be automatically deposited into your BondRewards Saver's Account. You will also earn BondDollars for non-shopping activities like taking surveys, referring friends, opening our emails, etc. Before you know it, you'll be redeeming your reward.

    When your account reaches 50 BondDollars*, you can redeem either a $25 U.S. Savings Bond worth at least $50 at maturity or $25 cash! By consolidating your shopping at one account, you'll reach the redemption level much faster. Plus bonds are a safe way to save for the future.
    *1 BondDollar = 50 ¢ cash value.

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Questions and Answers

This sounds good, but I am reluctant to join yet another reward program.

We totally understand, and that's exactly why we created BondRewards. The average American household has signed up for 14 rewards programs, and isn't getting much value in return. Not only is it troublesome to use multiple programs, but most of them cannot deliver enough "points" to redeem anything of value. BondRewards is designed to help you replace most of those other programs while allowing you to shop at over 600 online stores.

What is different about your rewards?

Knowing that many people are not satisfied with typical reward redemptions (e.g. coupons, gifts, miles etc...) we wanted to create a program that offered redemptions that members would actually want. We also didn't want to be a mere shopping website, we wanted to make sure BondRewards would serve as a savings program for your future. You don't earn "points" for things you don't need. You earn cash (which you can use today) or U.S. Savings Bonds (which you can save for your future) - it's your choice.

Why U.S. Bonds?

We thought long and hard about what reward would make the most sense for Americans. We realized that if you are worried about your financial future, U.S. Savings Bonds issued and guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury are the safest long-term investment you can make. They are stable, guaranteed and no bank failure can affect them. Ours is the only reward program that helps you acquire bonds. Learn more about Series EE Savings Bonds.

But can I use this program at the shops I like?

We are happy to tell you about our Spend N' Save Alliance, a network of 600+ online stores with excellent reputations. Shop all your favorite brands in all your favorite categories, fashion, books, travel, home needs and more - you name it and we've got you covered. Here's a list of the shops for you to check.

I am on a budget. I want to save money.

You're actually the exact person we had in mind when creating BondRewards. Our vision is to help our members save for the future while shopping for the things they want and need today. According to government statistics, the average American has less than $5000 in savings and struggles when it comes time to pay for college or retirement. We wanted to address this "spend or save" dilemma with BondRewards. Our vision is to help our members save for the future while shopping for the things they want and need today. Our "points" (BondRewards dollars) never expire, so you can save at your own pace.

Does it cost me?

Not at all. It's completely free. Just sign up and start saving.

I'm still not convinced I can save by shopping.

Let us give you an example. Our member Tiffany is a working mother who lives in Ohio. She joined BondRewards in July 2009. As of a year later, in July 2010, she has saved $1,000 through this program. She has redeemed $500 in U.S. Savings Bonds and is planning to use the other $500 to take classes at a local community college.

Still want to know more about BondRewards? Go to our FAQ.

Buzz about BondRewards

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"Where else can you spend money, boost your savings, and help fund the national debt all at the same time?"

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